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Centennial Celebration 1908-2008

Stella Niagara Education Park (SNEP)

Teaching ministry continues

(Visit their website at Stella Niagara.)

"A place where your child will become a star," touts the banner welcoming students to Stella Niagara Education Park. With a faculty- student ratio of 12-1, group instruction size is adjusted to the needs of the child and the subject matter, thereby enhancing a child's ability to learn.

The academic program of the school includes mathematics, computation and problem solving, language arts and reading. Foreign language, art, and music are a part of the curriculum from pre-school through eighth grade.

Computer instruction also begins at the pre- school level and is incorporated into the main subject areas. The program has been approved by the major accrediting agencies of the state.

The Catholic Franciscan nature of the school is evident in daily prayer and frequent prayer services. Since Stella Niagara has become a Peace Site, students participate in an annual celebration of peace around the feast of St. Francis in October.

Recognizing that the parents are the primary teachers of the child, the administration fosters a strong alliance between parents and teachers. Parents are encouraged to affirm student achievements at science fairs and academic symposiums, and to participate in recognition programs and school productions. Today's students continue the tradition  of Franciscan education begun in 1908 at Stella Niagara.