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Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart (SHA)

Educating Young Women

(Visit their website at Sacred Heart.)

Just three years after their arrival in the United States, the Sisters of St. Francis founded the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart to provide an education rich in the sciences and humanities for the daughters of immigrant families.

The Sisters' vision was to provide a value- based education focused on educating the "whole person" and challenging young women to become leaders in their communities.

As interest in women's education increased, the Academy outgrew its original site in downtown Buffalo on  Washington Street and a new building on Main Street in Eggertsville was completed in 1930.

Today's curriculum is college preparatory and includes accelerated and advanced placement courses in each discipline. Sacred Heart Academy alumnae have matriculated at many of the finest local and national colleges and universities. The Class of 2008 was awarded close to $9 million in college scholarships.

The academy has integrated computer technology into the curriculum and has two fully equipped computer labs offering student access to the Internet, and each classroom is equipped with SmartBoard technology. The school also has its own Internet Web site. The library media center provides the use of lap top computers as well as a class room for distance learning.

Christian values and the Franciscan mission of service are reflected in student activities, including: Amnesty International, campus ministry, service club, environmental club, respect life, and others. Since its inception in 1994, the "Footprints" community service program has provided over 50,000 hours of community service by the students. Each year the entire SHA community participates in a Day of Sharing where faculty, staff, board members and alumnae join the students at over 50 community sites.

The academy is well known for its music and sports programs. Community building is part of the fabric of life at Sacred Heart, where traditions and meaningful rituals build and strengthen a sense of community. The Chamber Singers have won first honors in women's choir, jazz choir, and madrigal choir competition. As athletes, the students have done exceptionally well in area sports.

The effects of a Sacred Heart Academy education are far reaching. As the words of a former graduate attest, "Our education made us free, but also grounded us in principles that would serve us well for a lifetime.  I know we were confident, generous and filled with hope, such rich gifts as we look at them in the light of 21th century problems. I believe the graduates of the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart have improved life everywhere they've been." - Alumna '49